out of my grave let an avenger rise

"My name is Henry Morgan. My story is a long one. It might sound a bit implausible. In fact, you probably won’t believe it but I’ll tell you anyway because beyond all else I have lots, lots of time…"

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i’m the kind of guy who laughs at a funeral

don’t understand what i mean? well, you soon will

2/? of the completely serious musketeers manips series

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Best of 2x01Undercover

I know how you feel right now..and I promise you, however dark and scary the world might be right now, there will be light.
T h e r e   w i l l   b e  l i g h t  ,   b r u c e .

make me choose: Elizabeth Swann or Emma Swan
      Then what shall we die for? 

make me choose: anonymous asked
Broad City
or Misfits

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My friend, you suffer from the misplaced optimism of the doom.
Snowpiercer | Bong Joon Ho, 2013

[1/10] favorite tv shows → Luther

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   ↳ Faye Chamberlain or Hayley Marshall


Did you or your sister kill James Angelov?
Yeah, a couple of times.

"I would like to do any way possible that Howard Stark can make a return. He’s such a fun character to play, and I really believe that he could make quite an exciting character to watch more of. The flawed entrepreneur, the kind of crazy playboy, from that era is an exciting concept." - Dominic Cooper